Business In Motion v1

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We are introducing all-new kind of product! People in motion will bring real life into your still images and animations. Created by using best in class gear, now creating compleately new way of experience architectural visualizations and more.

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What is a promise without a tasty slice? This is why you can taste our product before you even buy it. Download free sample file and find out it’s quality. You can check rest of people photos inside clear and simple animated catalog.

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Superior Quality

For creating this stunning collection we used the industry leading camera and cinema lighting. Every footage in a Business in motion v1 is processed manually by our graphic team. As a result we are delivering beautiful 160 sequences in stunning resolution of 1350 x 2304 and 25 frames per second.

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This collection is designed to fit many needs. Inside package you will find models in a different real life situations, talking, moving, reading, relaxing and many more. Business in motion will fit perfectly into an every day office situation.

Two Lights Setup

Two lighting condition

This collection comes in two light setup. Sunlight to fit the outside environment with the bright directional sunlight, and an ambient light, intended to be used in interior scenes where the light is evenly scattered.

Popular format

Business in motion v1 comes as set of MP4 H.264 files with corresponding alpha maps. This method let us keep small file size and make it easy to use in every modern graphic software. Every footage can be merged in transparent footage in seconds.

Digital download only

Instant Digital download

This collection is available by Digital Download only. We are not using traditional DVD’s. This solution guarantees the fastest access to products, and allows us to keep the highest standards in a reasonable price. You do not need to worry about losing your disc because you can always re-download your purchase.

Clear and easy Royalty Free Licence

In Viz-People we are making an effort to keep our politics as clear and simple as possible. Royalty free licence guarantees you the best possible use inside your projects.
You can use our products inside a commercial and free renderings, prints, advertisements, web designs, films, presentations, editorials, online publications, and many many more. Also, products can be used in multiple computers inside your company.


About The Authors

Krystian Szczesny
I am an incurable optimist and an enthusiast of advertising photography. I love light in all forms. No task for me is impossible. I am dedicated to my work. I love nonfiction books.
Ewelina Petryka
I am a photo shoot coordinator, photographer, and stylist in the Viz-People. I love portraits and fashion photography.
Hi! I am Radek. I am working as a graphic designer. Graphic design was my love since my young age, so I decided to spend my life with it ;) I am also exploring secrets of the photography. Since I became a happy dad, I love taking pictures of my beloved son.


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