Free 3d models – Trees

[intense_row padding_top=”0″] [intense_column size=”6″ medium_size=”6″ small_size=”12″ extra_small_size=”12″] [intense_spacer type=”block” height=”10″] This is a free package of 18 highly detailed 3d birch tree models for vray rendering engine and 3ds max.
Free for commercial use.
Download MAX – Mirror 1
Download MAX – Mirror 2
Download OBJ – Mirror 1
Download OBJ – Mirror 2
[/intense_column] [intense_column size=”6″ medium_size=”6″ small_size=”12″ extra_small_size=”12″] [intense_content_section padding_top=”10″ background_type=”image” image=”11789″ background_image_position=”100% 50%” height=”155″] Do you like our work?
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