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Product Files

Extraction Error on MAC

Make sure your files are downloaded correctly. Please compare your file size with the one on the download chart.

Use unRarX to extract your archives.

Extraction error on PC

Our products contain quite big files. If your Internet connection is slow, or if you lose the connection, we recommended to use a download manager such as FlashGet or jDownloader.

Where are download links

Download links are visible on "My Account" section after logging in.

Please notice that download links become visible only after a successful payment


I have made a wrong order

If you have not paid for the order, its status is "Pending". You do not have to pay for it. Over time, pending orders are being deleted.

If You pay for order and you realized it was a wrong product, please contact us. We will cancel the order and refund your money.

Returns and Refunds

If you have purchased our product and you do not like it, you can always write to us about the refund within 14 days. We do not ask questions. You will get 100% of you money back.


We are sending invoices few days after the purchase for users with the European VAT ID

If you do not own a European vat number and you would like to receive an invoice, please write about it in the "order notes" field during the checkout or send us an e-mail.


Payment methods

We are currently accepting two ways of payment:

Wire Transfer


Model Release

Yes, all Viz-People models have filled and signed Model Release form and got paid for it. So after you buy our product, it is 100% legal to use our cut out images in your commercial works.

On how many computers can I use ...

Within the company, the buyer is authorized to use the purchased Viz-People product up to 10 work stations.

Free Stuff & Tutorials

Slow transfer

Our free files are quite desired by users. We are storing the free files on a separate server but still the traffic is quite heavy. Please be tolerant and patient :)


How to Log In

You can log in to your account by clicking on My Account link at the bottom part of website :)

How to delete my account

In order to delete your account please  CLICK HERE

After account delete, Viz-People will delete ALL of your data, including data about your orders and licences. Please be sure to store all licence holding proofs if you want to use Viz-People products in the future.