Music v3

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Even best project without outstanding music is nothing! This is where our collection appear! Ten outstanding royalty-free music tracks that will beautifully highlight your projects! From atmospheric chill music to rough sound of rock. Every track comes in two lengths versions and with additional modular loops.

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Listen and feel before purchase

What is a promise without a tasty slice? This is how you can taste our product before you even buy it. Listen and enjoy all of our track for free. If you find one of our track suitable for your project you can purchase single tracks bellow.

    01. Fauve    €15     06. Muscle car    €15
    02. Brightness    €15     07. Wild forest    €15
    03. Friends    €15     08. Subway    €15
    04. Acid fun    €15     09. Blue rain    €15
    05. Old cow    €15     10. Dream about happieness    €15
High Quality formats

24-bit Sound Quality

This collection is prepared with care and high attention to details. To provide best possible experience we are delivering it in extraordinary quality of 24-Bit lossless Wave format. We also provided more common formats like 16-bit Waves and MP3 so you can use our music with every software and player.

Modular Loops

Every track in this collection come with couple of loops that can be rearranged and mix witch each other. So you can create shorter or longer versions of track by yourself. Just click in the image and check how it works.

Modular loops
Wide range of use

Wide range of use

Our music is created to inspire and help. We don’t want to stop you, that’s why you can use our tracks inside wide range of media.

Out Royalty Free Music can be use inside:
YouTube monetized videos, presentations, podcasts, trailers, films, background music in restaurant, shop, on hold telephone line and many many more.

Instant Digital download

This collection is available by Digital Download only. We are not using traditional DVD’s. This solution guarantees the fastest access to products, and allows us to keep the highest standards in a reasonable price. You do not need to worry about losing your disc because you can always re-download your purchase.

Digital download only

Clear and easy Royalty Free Licence

In Viz-People we are making an effort to keep our politics as clear and simple as possible. Royalty free licence guarantees you the best possible use inside your projects.
You can use our products inside a commercial and free renderings, prints, advertisements, web designs, films, presentations, editorials, online publications, and many many more. Also, products can be used in multiple computers inside your company.

About The Authors

Maciej Kulesza
I’m a composer and music producer. I write music for movies, games, animations, commercials…and Viz-People of course Emotikon smile I didn’t spend a single day at work because I love what I do.