Free Armchairs models

Hi fellows, in “Free Stuff” section you can now find 6 Armchair models with shaders and textures for vray renderer. All completely free for commercial use. We will be really pleased to see this models in action. Don’t hesitate to send us Your renders.

Fast Contest edition 1

Hi Folks. Welcome to our first fast contest. All you need to do is to use our free samples in your visualization and win Viz-People libraries.


1. Download our free cut out people pack.
2. Compose two or more characters for any of your visualization.
3. Post your work at Viz People facebook wall.


1. You must be the author of the image that you are posting.
2. You must agree to use your image in our showroom gallery.
3. The contest starts now and finishes 31 May 2011 at 11.59 pm
4. We will choose 3 best composed images out of posted works.


1st place: Viz People Bundle v1
2nd place: Viz People Business  v1
3rd place: Viz People Nightlife v1

Benefits of using Viz People Photos

Viz People products

Other solutions


Photographed person fills full frame of the photo. You are getting the best possible resolution.


Photographed person is usually a small part of the image. After the cutout you are getting a low-res image.

Constant ambient lightening. Appropriate white balance and high color reproduction


Poor image quality, different light conditions.

Full model release, granting permission for the public usage of our photos.


No model release form. You may have serious problems if the person you used in your project will recognise herself/himself.
How do you feel as an object of invigilation? What if somebody used a photo of you without your permission?

Every model is photographed from different angles and in different poses. We give you the opportunity to choose the best pose to fulfill your requirements.


One person in one pose only.