Honda CrZ – Free 3d model

A long time ago, Ireneusz Javorski prepared a great 3d Honda CR-Z model. There was a plan to prepare a commercial tutorial about creating this car. The plan was completed but I changed my mind ;) Today you can download this impressive 3d model for free in our Free Stuff section. Let me know if you would like to see the 3d car studio rendering tutorial :)

Free floor Textures

Hey! Look what I have found :)
Before the Viz-People there was a 3d Content. What a 3d Content was? The 3d Content was my first idea for an internet texture shop. Single textures for small prices. Unfortunately, as I launched the old website, my enthusiasm disappeared. However, the content itself stayed on my hard drive. Now I’m releasing something nice from time to time over here for free. Today I found my old floor textures. I created it in 2009 :) But It looks fine also today :) Enjoy and let it help you with your creations! You can download this six huge resolution textures in our Free Stuff Section