Update of old collection

Few weeks ago I notice that our first HDRi collection is getting old. Old maps simply not had enough light and dynamic range. I decided it’s time to change it :)
And here it is! Updated version of HDRi v1 is now available fore Free in our free stuff section.
All customers who bought commercial version of this package can download updated version for free.

Please welcome brand new Viz-People website

Hello and Welcome!
It is my pleasure to present to you, our brand new refreshed website. I put off this for quite a long time. But finally at the beginning of 2014 I decided to act!

This is Third generation of Viz-People web shop. Two previous generation was realized on quite old CMS (Joomla + Virtuemart) but it works for a long time ;) But times go by, technology and trends are changing. Joomla is now quite retired and new versions aren’t compatible with previous. This is why I decided to move on and hit on WordPress. And you knew what? It’s amazing :)

Please be tolerant to new website. It’s new and need some tweaking!
Have a good time!

Honda CrZ – Free 3d model

A long time ago, Ireneusz Javorski prepared a great 3d Honda CR-Z model. There was a plan to prepare a commercial tutorial about creating this car. The plan was completed but I changed my mind ;) Today you can download this impressive 3d model for free in our Free Stuff section. Let me know if you would like to see the 3d car studio rendering tutorial :)