Free floor Textures

Hey! Look what I have found :)
Before the Viz-People there was a 3d Content. What a 3d Content was? The 3d Content was my first idea for an internet texture shop. Single textures for small prices. Unfortunately, as I launched the old website, my enthusiasm disappeared. However, the content itself stayed on my hard drive. Now I’m releasing something nice from time to time over here for free. Today I found my old floor textures. I created it in 2009 :) But It looks fine also today :) Enjoy and let it help you with your creations! You can download this six huge resolution textures in our Free Stuff Section

3D Mall for C4D

Many of you asked when will it happen. Well… it has just happened! Our 3d Models for Mall and shopping centers is now fully compatible witch Maxon Cinema 4d. Works great with standard Advance Renderer and Vray. I hoppe you like it ;)

Bird View People

Some of you may notice our Facebook post. We are going to add bird view photos to our future collections. This is a part of our continuous improvement policy. So What do you think? ;)
Any suggestions, request for future collections?